Signs of Hope

There are more signs of joy, excitement and hope almost four years after Hurricane Katrina. They may be two different religions, and located in two different Mississippi coastal counties, but the milestones of Congregation Beth Israel in Harrison County and First Missionary Baptist Church in Hancock County rebuilding represents just how far our recovery has come.

Recently both congregations were able to open the doors to new facilities for the first time since Katrina. The new Jewish Synagogue located in Gulfport and the Baptist Church in Pearlington were both able to rebuild thanks to the generous gifts made by hundreds if not thousands of individuals. And, thanks to that generosity, both congregations were able to rebuild without going into debt.

The rebuilding of these two houses of worship, along with many others, is a reflection of not only our community's commitment, but also the dedication of countless strangers. Individuals who wanted to make sure our recovery was not only economical, but spiritual as well.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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