Lott's Comments The Talk Of His Hometown

The lunch crowd at Monica's Restaurant in Pascagoula couldn't stop talking about Trent Lott's comments, and how they reacted when they heard the news.

"I don't put nothing past him. Not one thing. No I was not surprised, " Pascagoula resident Jimmie Watson said.

"The comments did surprise me a little bit, but again I think it was done at a birthday party and maybe the wrong context, " Jeff Parr said.

"I've always learned that he was that way and he's been that way ever since I've been told when I was a child," Wilma Ballard said.

Whether or not Lott's statement was racist is the big question.

"I know that he just got caught up in the moment and I don't think that. I'm sure that he did not mean any harm toward anybody," Rita Myers said.

"In this day and time, you just don't make those kind of comments. You don't expect that from people in leadership," Veronica McCorvey said.

Although Lott apologized, members of the Black Caucus and the NAACP are asking Senator Lott to step down from his position as majority leader.

"He's the greatest thing that's happened in Mississippi, why should he step down," Monica Vallew said.

"He's been in there long enough. He should step down," Jimmie Watson said.

"There's no way he should step down," Jeff Parr said.

"Yes, definitely, he needs to step down because he's in a position now that is representing our state," Moss Point resident Wilma Ballard said.

No matter what their opinions, most people agree that the statements are putting a negative image on the state, and they just want the controversy resolved.

By Myya Durden-Robinson