Some Calling For Alderman's Resignation

Some residents of Ocean Springs say alderman Joe Carvin should resign.

You'll recall he pleaded "no contest" Monday to a petty theft charge that accuses him of stealing dealer tips from the Palace Casino.

Carvin told WLOX News he plans on appealing his case to county court.

But while some are pushing for Carvin to step down, there's nothing anyone can do to remove him from office.

"I think it's abominable. In the first place, he didn't have the guts to show up in court," said Ocean Springs resident, Frank McCathran.

He's lived in ward four the past six years. He also voted for Joe Carvin. But now the first term alderman has lost this voter's trust.

"He should resign because he's untrustworthy. If he's taking tips, if he's taking money away from his fellow employees. What, if he were stealing from the casino, he's stealing from the casino. But no, he's stealing from his fellow workers. From the people he works with," said McCathran.

Mayor Seren Ainsworth says it's regrettable the case hasn't been resolved yet.

"It's sad that it's gone on this long. We were hoping the issue would be resolved sooner than this. I just wish Mr. Carvin would go ahead and do what he has to do to end the issue," said Mayor Ainsworth.

WLOX News would like to question Joe Carvin. So far, he's declined an interview.

While some may like to see Carvin step down from office, that's a decision only he can make. Since the charge against him is a misdemeanor, there is no provision in the law for him to be removed, even if he's convicted. There's also no provision in the law allowing for any sort of citizen petition recall to force him out of office.

At the November 19th meeting, alderman Joe Carvin told his fellow aldermen he has as much right as anyone to serve on the board. Not everyone agrees.

"He has absolutely no, no reason, no way he should be sitting on the board of aldermen," said McCathran.