Three still in running for Moss Point mayor's seat

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - After months of campaigning by 12 candidates, the contest for Moss Point mayor is down to the final three. Democrat Aneice Liddell, and Independent candidates Grady Bryant and Jerry Redmond.

Liddell won the democratic nomination two weeks ago, when she defeated Robert Norvel in the democratic runoff. As the current alderman-at-large, she's the only candidate who's held political office in Moss Point.

"One of the things that the people saw in this administration is that we're not working together as a team," Liddell said. "They will not see that in my administration. I'm going to keep my board informed to the best of my ability, and we will move projects forward."

She wants to complete Moss Point's downtown development, while better maintaining the quality of life for citizens.

"Each day I get a little bit more hyped and excited about being in the position to really make a difference in Moss Point," she said about her nomination.

You'll see Jerry Redmond as an Independent on the ballot. A long time resident, he has big visions for a better city.

"It's going to be a matter of the Board of Aldermen and myself working with the Board of Aldermen of each department. And it's going to be a team effort. We're going to have to plan our work and work our plan."

He says he's ready to bring in industry, revitalize downtown and accelerate infrastructure projects like Moss Point's City Hall.

"Change the perception that people have about Moss Point," he said. "[I want to] have a better, user friendly atmosphere in city that the people of Moss Point can come and be proud that are proud to be citizens of Moss Point."

Grady Bryant will also be on the ballot as an Independent, though he says he's a Democrat in disguise. He says he's been listening to residents while campaigning, and he's ready to find solutions to problems.

"They are concerned about the police, you know, the job situation here," Bryant said.

"We need to bring in new businesses," he said.  "But first, first what we have to do, we have to clean our city up."

Bryant said he wants to focus on recreation for children, reducing crime by 50 percent and most importantly, keeping the public involved in government.

"My books will be open to all public, anybody that has a resident address in the city of Moss Point," Bryant said. "Under my watch, the people have a vote at the table, they have a voice at the table."

All three of these candidates plan to campaign every day until the general election, which will be this Tuesday, June 2nd.

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