Elderly man killed in gunfire

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A killer is on the loose after a quiet evening turned bloody in a Moss Point neighborhood Saturday night. Police said two men were shot. One of the men died; the other was taken to the hospital and released.

Police say they're searching for the person who shot and killed 68-year-old Silas Miller.

Neighbors said they knew something was wrong with Miller in his final moments riding his bike down Barnett Street in Moss Point.

"Something had happened before he got here," said LaKeisha Fielder, a neighbor who witnessed the incident. "You could tell it, because he was in a rage. Something had happened before he got there."

Fielder said whatever happened likely led to gunfire between Miller and a neighbor, Floyd Broadnax. She said it was Miller who shot at Broadnax during the dispute.

"They had a confrontation in the yard, and Silas all of a sudden shot up," Fielder said.

She said one of the shots flew right past her own children and another into Floyd Broadnax's arm. She said after the shooting, Miller went back to his house just a few yards down the street. She said he only made it to the front door, before the situation became much worse.

Neighbors said they heard gunshots and saw Miller fall into his front door. They said they knew Miller had been shot.

"We don't know who did it," Fielder said. "We didn't even see it. We just heard the shots. It was like a movie. It was real quick. I mean, it was just like he was here, and he wasn't."

Police then arrived to what they call a complicated scene.

"They found a black male, which was Floyd Broadnax, had been shot in his arm and stated Silas Miller shot him," said Detective Sergeant Joyce Lynn Craig with the Moss Point Police Department. "They went to 3636 Barnett Street and discovered Silas Miller inside the house, face down, who had also been shot."

Both Broadnax and Miller were taken to Singing River Hospital where Miller later died. Broadnax was arrested on charges unrelated to the shooting. Police are still searching for the person who delivered the fatal shots.

"Everybody described him as wearing dark clothing, bandana around his face, dark cap," said Craig. "And [he] just fired several shots and, again, just walked away."

Moss Point Police ask anyone with information in this incident to contact them at (228) 475-1711 or the Moss Point TIPS Line at (228) 474-TIPS (8477).

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