Illegal Dump Cleaned Up In Pascagoula

Air conditioning units, roof shingles, and even a couple of boats, were some of the items found at an illegal dumpsite in Pascagoula. City officials discovered the site under the Jerry St. Pe Bridge near Ingalls about a month ago. Crews spent the day cleaning it up.

"We've got quite a bit, it's quite a job. It entails a lot of man hours, a lot of equipment usage," Allan Kilpatrick with MDOT said.

That equipment and those man hours cost taxpayers between $6,000 and $7,000.

"All this money that we are paying is actually the citizens tax dollars at work, but that they really shouldn't have to be spending the money to clean up somebody else's garbage," Pascagoula Public Works Manager David Groves said.

Crews estimate that there is anywhere from 600 to 700 cubic square feet of garbage at the site. They don't know when the dumping started, but say it doesn't take much for an illegal site like this one to grow.

"Somebody will bring in a little bit, drop it off. Somebody else will either stubble across it or actually see them doing it, and then it just grows from there," Groves said.

Crews hope to finish the job by Friday. They plan to put up barricades and signs to try and stop people from dumping trash there.

By Myya Durden