Prepare to stay safe this hurricane season.

June 1st is the start of Hurricane season which runs through the end of November. Most hurricane experts say this will be an active year for storms. Now is the time to prepare for any storm we may face later this year.

First make sure you have flood insurance. Many of us realized too late that flood waters from hurricanes don't affect just the people on the front beach. Many folks who lived near bayous or drainage canal had flood water during Katrina. There is a 30 day waiting period for flood insurance so buy it today.

Secondly, take stock of your supplies around the house and make sure you have an adequate supply of bottled water and can goods that could last for several days. Check your flashlights and put new batteries in them so they will be ready. Also if you have a generator, crank it up and make sure it will run this year.

Discuss with your family where you will evacuate if the need arises. Now is the time to contact a friend or relative upstate or out of state and make those arrangements. Also, if you have an elderly person in your neighborhood discuss with them what they will do in case of an evacuation.

Our best advice: Be prepared, have a plan and still hope for an uneventful season.

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