Pascagoula opens affordable, luxury housing complex

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula's first affordable, luxury housing complexes are ready for residents. Morrison Village Senior Homes and Taylor Heights' Apartments are part of a $32 million build by Mississippi Regional Housing Authority and Realtex Development.

"People of all means, of all incomes, need a good a solid place to live," Realtex Developer Rick Deyoe said.

Deyoe's team of developers built a large number of upscale apartments that now line Old Mobile Highway.

"One is a 120 senior development called Morrison Village, and the other is called Taylor Heights. It is 144 unit family developments."

Deyoe points out that the multi-million dollar investment was made possible through federal funding.

"We used federal tax credits; we used HUD financed CDBG money through the Mississippi Development Authority."

Senior citizen James Rivers just moved into his apartment, and said he's happy to have a luxury place like this to call home.

"You have your nice bedroom, your nice kitchen, the whole works," he said.

Another resident, Ronnie Steele, is also in love with his new home.

"This is comfortable right here. There is air conditioning, washer and dryer; more comfortable living environment."

The facelift was a dramatic change from the old Charles Warner Homes that used to sit on the same lot. Originally built in the 1960s, many city leaders say it was a haven for crime and drugs.

"Even though I know it was home to some people, and it was sad for them to leave, they needed something better to live in," Pascagoula City Manger Kay Kell said.

Kell said both properties are now a win-win situation, because the homes provide affordable housing options, and attract more investors.

"A lot of people think that is not important. But if you do not have affordable housing, who is going to come and work your job?"

Rent at both complexes are from $400 to $800, and vouchers are accepted at the properties.    For more information about the new housing units, call (228) 934-2502.

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