Residents protest planned lift station in Gulfport park

By WLOX Staff

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some Second Streets residents want Gulfport to kill plans for a wastewater lift station in Owen T. Palmer Park.

Area neighbors and parents of small children gathered at the park Tuesday evening to deliver that message to city leaders.

But the City of Gulfport says, under a new federal highway law, they must move the lift station off Highway 90. And their engineers found Second Street Park to be the only public land in the area that would be suitable.

"It's city owned property. We wouldn't have to spend anybody's tax dollars on it," Mayor Brent Warr said. "And keep in mind, this is something that's very small. About 170 of them are all over the city right now. So I think a lot of this controversy has been blown up into something more than it truly is."

"I don't care to have this here. I don't want to smell this and I hear it makes a lot of noise," Second Street resident Doreen Chamberlan said. "They invested a lot of money here in the park after Katrina, and the only thing I want to hear over here is kids playing."

Mayor Warr offered a compromise at Tuesday night's meeting. He said the city will investigate whether an upgrade to another lift station near Second Street would do the job without placing a station in Palmer Park.

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