Keeping kids safe on the road

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Jon'elle Swetman says she's not taking any chances when it comes to her six-week-old son's safety on the road.

"There's only one John Christian, so we got to take care of him right," Swetman said.

Swetman had her son's carseat installed by Officer Rene Wiggins, a patrolman under the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, District One. Wiggins is trained in installing child safety restraints.

"When you're traveling, things get loose, so I think it's important to make sure your car seat is installed correctly," Swetman said.

Officer Wiggins says they find at least 90 percent of car/booster seats are installed incorrectly.  According to AAA, when child/booster seats are installed properly, it can reduce serious injuries by more than 60 percent.

"As a mother myself, you never want to see that happen to a kid. You never want to see them get hurt," Wiggins said.

Officers say drivers should be aware that check-points could include a check of whether their child is properly restrained.

It's a safety check mothers like Swetman say could be a life-saving one.

"Every child is important. Your cargo is treasured, and you just want to make sure their safe," Swetman said.

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