Christmas Parade Turns Into Victory Parade

Sunday's annual D'Iberville-Saint Martin Christmas Parade, was for many people more than just an average parade, it was a celebration. It was called a 'victory parade' for the 4-A State Champion D'Iberville Warriors. Smiles could be seen for miles as team members waved to people, lining the streets of their hometown.

"They told the boys that if they won they could lead the D'Iberville christmas parade as their victory march," D'Iberville resident Julie Heuser said.

"They always have superbowl parades, we have the state championship parade. The D'Iberville Warriors. What a Christmas present? They deserve it, Diberville's come along way," D'Iberville resident James Montgomery said.

"Well it feels pretty good to see them win because I know they all worked really hard for it, and come out for the christmas parade, but I think our warrior fans are gonna take over and make it a victory parade instead," D'Iberville resident Matt Felder said.

"The game was awesome. Just seeing all the fans of fifty years, the old, the young, parents, it was the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life," Heuser said.

"Awesome.  You could not say it any other way. They were fantastic. They well represented D'Iberville," D'Iberville resident Rita Dunn said.

"It was awesome, the crowd was just wild. The Warriors, they brought home the gold," Montgomery said.

This is the seventeenth year for the Christmas parade.