Free wireless internet now at Singing River Hospitals

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Teresa Thomas gave birth to a new baby girl at Singing River Hospital Thursday. Thanks to the hospital's free internet service, the new mom is already showing off her baby's pictures online.

"You can take pictures from your camera and post them online to friends who were in other states, who couldn't be here," Thomas said.

Thomas also sees other advantages to adding this service.

"You can only sleep so much before you do get bored. TV can only do so much. The internet does have a more variety of things to do," Thomas said.

Information Systems Director James Oubre said it cost about $200,000  to install all the wireless devices. He called it a smart investment.

"We are plugged into the world now," Oubre said about the new service. "They can do their banking, communicate with their family and friends. Internally, for our vendors, if they need to show us services they want to sell, they will be able to log on wirelessly to their websites."

Oubre assures patients the system is secure and separate from hospital records.

"A lot of our devices are secured using software and hardware to get to our secured area. But the public wireless is just like everything else, like a coffee shop. It allows only the internet access, not into our internal computer systems," Oubre said.

For the Thomas family, the new service makes a joyous time easier to share.

"It helps to spread the news better; you get it out faster than just picking up the phone."

Public internet service is offered at Ocean Springs Hospital and Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula, as well as the new Outpatient Image Facility in Jackson County.

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