FOX News anchor honors Khayat with $75k donation

By WLOX Staff

OXFORD, MS (WLOX) - FOX News anchor and native Mississippian Shepard Smith is helping Ole Miss students and honoring retiring Chancellor Robert Khayat with a big donation.

Smith recently gave a $75,000 gift to the Legacy Fund, which was created by the University Foundation to honor Khayat. The fund was established to help offset the negative effects of the economy on University of Mississippi students and the academic environment. Plans call for the chancellor - who is retiring June 30 after leading UM for 14 years - to determine which initiatives benefit from the fund.

"Dr. Khayat has transformed our special place into a truly Great American Public University. It's an honor to give him a few more dollars to work some magic before he slides into retirement," said Smith, who anchors the "Fox Report," and "Studio B with Shepard Smith."

Gifts to the Legacy Fund are coming from alumni, friends, faculty and staff members who have been impacted by Khayat. The chancellor garnered more than $800 million in private contributions during his tenure, which allowed the university to achieve many wide-ranging goals.

"It is heartwarming to see the number of alumni, friends, faculty and staff who are answering the call at this critical time for our students," said Wendell Weakley, president and chief executive office of the UM Foundation. "Gifts of all sizes are needed as we embrace the chancellor and continue to strengthen the university."

To contribute to the fund, go to

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