Moss Point police chief cracks down on litter bugs

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - You can easily find piles of cans, plastic, clothes, and even food stacked up in neighborhoods around Moss Point. It's a bad habit that Police Chief Sheila Smallman wants to break.

"The litter is just out of hand," Chief Smallman said. "When you have those that have an ill disregard for littering and trashing the city, it takes away from the condition of the city."

The chief isn't the only one aggravated with the upkeep of Moss Point. She said citizens call her often with complaints about the trash problem.

"Because of the increasing complaints we have in reference to the trash, we are going to be more attentive."

Mitch Elerby said the police should be on the look out for litter bugs. He wants people to start taking more pride in Moss Point.

"The buck starts with the citizens, with we as homeowners and we as citizens in Moss Point. If we don't do something, who else will?" Elerby asked.

The chief said if police see anyone dumping or throwing trash on the ground, the person will  have to pay a hefty fine of up to $600.

"We want to take our city back, not only from criminals, but we want to clean it up as far as the trash," Chief Smallman said.

That's the attitude Elerby said will make his city a cleaner place to live.

"If you have a clean city, it will attract tourists, bring business, and industry here," Elerby said. "It will bring more people who want to live here in a clean city."

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