Beachfront Roadwork In Hancock County

It's just a matter of time before all of Beach Boulevard in Hancock County gets extra protection and strength. Storms have damaged the Bach Road over the years including the most recent ones. Construction crews have started the second phase of shoreline protection. Work crews are busy driving steel sheet pilings along the seawall on North Beach Boulevard. The steel pilings are designed to take a beating from heavy wave action.

Hancock County District 3 Supervisor Lisa Cowand said, "The constant wave action from the hurricanes that we see and the tropical storms and the pops that we get through here it's actually just wearing away at the integrity of the seawall over the years so this is just an affirmation of the existing sea wall to carry us through the next 50 hopefully 75 years." Before the steel piling go down erosion pockets underneath the road are being filled to prevent it from collapsing. " We know that it's hollow underneath we had a company come in that did some seismic work we know were some of the voids exsist." After the pilings are set a concrete cap is installed over them.. So far 30-thousand feet has been finished on North Beach and 9-thousand feet on South Beach Boulevard. "

The goal is to go from stem to stern from Bayou Caddy all the way to North Cedar Point ." Cowand says a study will get uderway soon to look at the condition of beach, seawall and roadway along Hancock County's beachfront. " It's a 100-thousand dollar study it will asses the entire situation on our shore front so that we can protect it years to come." She says the safety of residents and access to the water front depends on it. Phase 2 of the project should be finished in about 3 months.

The 1.6 million dollar project is being funded through a 80-20 matching grant from the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Board of supervisors is picking up the tab for 20 percent of the cost of the project. That's about 560-thousand dollars.