Top Moss Point students rewarded for academic excellence

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - With a big smile on his face, Moss Point School Superintendent Kim Staley walked up to the high school's top academic achievers to give them a special surprise.

"For being the top ten, we are going to lunch at Barnhills," Superintendent Staley said.

As an extra gift, Staley rented a white stretch Hummer limo, so they could ride in style to the restaurant.

"This is just a small reward for 12 or 13 years of hard work," Staley said.

"All it is is worth ethic," said Jerry Thompson, who ranks second in the senior class. "You learn that as you get older, the more work you do. From being young to getting older, it shows that hard work actually does pay off."

The pay off also feels pretty good to Benjamin Burgess. He holds the number three spot in the class.

"I am pretty excited. The limo pulled off, and my eyes got wide," Brugess said about the ride to the restaurant.

Trianny Nettles said the fellowship and laughter at Wednesday's outing made it a day to remember.

"It will go down in history. Take some pictures, and put it in my senior book as a memorable event," Nettles said.

Superintendent Staley hopes the reward for these students motivates others.

"What I stress to my students is that you are not just competing with Moss Point High School seniors. You are competing with every senior in the world," Staley said. "You need to be prepared for those challenges, and we hope this little incentive will make the other students step it up a little bit."

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