Chappy Has Big Plans For La Font

"Make people happy in their stomachs, that comes a long way. If we can get them to sleep well, I think we've won." Chappy has been eyeing the La Font ten acre property for over a year now. He plans to renovate from the ground up, planting gardens, adding hot tubs and cleaning rooms inside and out. One guest said he's amazed at what Chappy's accomplished in less than a month.

Bill Hormann said, "It was top notch ten years ago and then it started to slide, and now it's starting to come back up to it's old prime."

Chappy gives us a hint to his recipe for success.

"We have great rooms, with great food and great southern hospitality. To me those are three key things. A clean bathroom, and clean fresh towels that smell good. When you walk in the room it smells clean and nice and it's temperatures right."

After he tackles the hotel business, what next?

"Right now, I've got, my plate is full." But he says restaurants out of state may be a possibility. Crews are cleaning up the Fontaine house now to open it up for weddings and receptions.

By Jennifer Holliman