D'Iberville Council rescinds raises

By Jeff Lawson - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - D'Iberville City Council members may have left a lot of people surprised and even shocked after their council meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Last fall, council members voted in favor of a pay increase for themselves, as well as the mayor. The increases took the mayor's salary from $16,600 a year to $25,000. The council members salaries increase from $14,400 to $25,000.

D'Iberville resident James Hall was not happy about those raises.

"All they do is go out and cut ribbons, and turn dirt with shovels, and photo opportunities," Hall said.

He asked citizens to come to the meeting and voice their displeasure. Six of the seven people who spoke were in opposition to the pay increase. Some pointed out that a city of comparable size, Gautier, pays their council members and mayor only about one fourth of what D'Iberville pays.

After the citizens spoke, the mayor thanked them.

"We will take this under consideration and hopefully in 60 days, we will have some resolution to this matter," Quave told members of the audience.

Then, just after he spoke, someone in the audience yelled, "Why not vote now?" After a brief discussion, the council did vote and chose to unanimously rescind the pay raises.

Moments later, a woman could be heard in the audience saying, "You have just renewed my faith in y'all. I am proud of you."

The salaries of the mayor and council members now go back to what they were before the raises took effect in October.

Only Council Member Bob Bellman abstained from voting. Bellman has never taken a salary for his job on the City Council.

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