Positive Message For Kids

Students at Delisle Elementary School received a unique lesson in character building Thursday. The lesson however didn't come from a text book, it came from entertainer Steve Pennington. The Nashville native brought his high energy one man educational show to the students. It looked like a lot of fun and games, but the students laughed while learning some valuable life lessons about character building.

Educational Entertainer, Steve Pennington said , " The idea with the show is to really involve the children to use music and magic and story telling and puppetry and comedy we do that in a fun way in an engaging so we bring these messages to their hearts and minds and hopefully make a difference for them." Pennington has taken his character building message to more than 2 thousand elementary schools across the nation and has performed his act for more than a million students, parents and teachers. He told WLOX News, "There are so many things so many negative voices in this world you here the phrase "It takes a village" well it does it takes all of us working hard to communicate good things to our children. I come along and do what the school and parents are already doing. I reinforce those messages of building character in the lives of our kids."

The students loved him and what he had to say. " He was a cool and crazy guy he did a bunch of fun things." said 4th grade student Joe Gosselin. Fourth grade student Trae Ausmer, echoed his words " I learned how to treat others with respect and kindness." 5th Grade student Eriana Dedeaux, agreed "It was funny it was cool and it taught me more about character." Pennington says it's that kind of feedback from students that shows him his work is paying off. Pennington performed a family night program at Pass Christian High School's Auditorium Thursday night at 6 PM.

He can be reached for booking at The Pro Kids Show at 1-800-338-3632.