Veterans Speak Out About Possible War With Iraq

With the Sunday deadline for Saddam, this is a critical weekend in deciding if or when American troops will invade Iraq. President Bush has threatened to wage war if Iraq doesn't disarm. WLOX talked with soldiers of the past about the possibility of war in the near future. Even though these veterans over at the Armed Forces Retirement home in Gulfport were celebrating the holidays they realize it may soon be a grim time for our country if we go to war with Iraq.

"We should have finished the job about ten years ago but since we didn't now is the time to do it even though it will cost a lot more in lives and time and money," said World War II veteran Daisy Jones.

Not everyone is convinced that the United States is on the right track.

World War II veteran Charlie Miller said :I think they need to do more ground work on it before they go in there though. We're not positive where anything is you know and I think we're going to look very aggressive I think unless we know really what we're doing."

Some veterans say war may be the only option for getting rid of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

Chuck Wilson who served during the Vietnam and Korean conflicts said "Hussein is not a person to play games with. He means what he says and he's going to annihilate the Americans."

The men and women who've been to the battlefields say what ever happens they'll support those who may be on the way there. Some veterans told us they worry about the biological weapons that could be used on our troops should we invade Iraq.