Local Stars Audition For Motion Picture Roles

David Foster had his nine month old daughter in one hand, and a script in the other hand. "I am a part time actor and a full time father," Foster said.

It was the part time role that brought Foster and other nervous actors to an outdoor waiting room at the Biloxi Beach Resort. "This is a thing that I've been putting off in my life for a long time," said Foster. "If things work out, then this will be very good for me and my family."

Tariq Alexander Bey is the star of "The System Within". "We're not looking for extras," said Bey. "We're from New York. We're bringing New York to you."

Bey read lines with the acting hopefuls. It was his idea to hold tryouts in 40 cities, including Biloxi. "Instead of using the actors in New York and California, let's go out and create our own stars," he said.

David Foster's tryout apparently went well. "That's right," he said. "I auditioned and got a call back to go to New York City in February."

A few actors weren't as fortunate. They stumbled during their auditions. But overall, Bey was impressed with Biloxi's talent. "The nice thing about it is that we find some really good talent around here, excellent talent," he said "Somebody who is out there will be in the movie."

But who?

Bey said you'll find out late next year, when the motion picture debuts -- in Biloxi.

"The System Within" will be filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina and New York.