Moss Point Police get new crime fighting tools

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - "Being a police officer is not an easy job."

It might not be easy, but Moss Point Officer Lancen Shipman has some new gadgets that will help him carry out his day to day duties better.

"We got camera equipment, in car camera equipment," Shipman said

Shipman said the department received grant money to buy 25 dash cameras and 20 digital cameras. The systems will come in handy because they record what's going on around town and pick up audio during police stops.

"If we have somebody commit a crime in front of us, we can use the footage that we have."

Chief Sheila Smallman looks at the cameras as a third eye to make sure her men and women are protecting and serving the community, not abusing their power.

"Especially when we have false allegations against the officers, we will be able to replay the car cams, the videos, and we will get the untold story," Chief Smallman said.

There are also state-of-the-art radar units installed inside the patrol cars to clock speeding drivers.

"The front and rear radar system that we got is able to assist us while we move around, and run radar, and still patrol," Shipman said.

"It is a positive investment. This is equipment the officers never had in Moss Point," Smallman said.

The chief said Moss Point PD has added five new vehicles to its fleet. The four wheelers will be used in rugged conditions.

"Policing has changed tremendously over the years. With the new equipment, we are able to go out in the woods versus getting out of your car and running on foot. With the four wheelers, we will have a better advantage."

The new advantages will hopefully keep the streets of Moss Point safe

"Protect the community, that is our bottom line goal," Officer Shipman said.

Chief Smallman said the department will also purchase new motorcycles for the traffic division.

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