Mobile Van Will Make The Job Search A Lot Easier

It's called the Workforce Investment Network, or WIN, for short. Win provides convenient one stop employment and training services for people looking for a job. There are 50 locations around the state, but none quite like what was unveiled today.

At first glance, it looks like your average RV, but, it's not. Once you step inside, you will be amazed. If it's high tech, you'll find it here. Lee Hutcheson designed the vehicle, he says 'This is a send and recieve modem, this technology went on the market probably in the last six months. "

Inside are 12 computer workstations, a satellite uplink for internet connections, fax machines, and a multi media lab. Although this is high tech stuff, the bottom line is, it's all intended to help out of work people find jobs, and employers find employees.

Mary Lee McNeil is the ceo of Gulf Coast Business Services, which will be in charge of the vehicle. "This is one of the things that we want to do," says McNeil, "When we have plant layoffs, we want to do education for the employer, we want to some sort of outreach, and some kind of training."

Governor Musgrove, came to the official unveiling of the mobile center at USM Gulf Coast Tuesday afternoon. According to the Governor, ''It can go anywhere, so that any area of the Coast, regardless of bricks and mortar, buildings there, we can go help people and that is what we need to do in a national recession."

The win job center will cover a five county area. Those involved in designing it say, this is one case were Mississippi, has the very best. "There are quite a few other units that are mobile one stops they are called, our units will be called one stops, but to my knowledge there are none as advanced as this one," says designer Lee Hutcheson.

By Jeff Lawson