Jackson County pawn shops boom during economic slowdown

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Mark Riley is the owner of the newest pawn shop in Pascagoula, Dad's Super Pawn. He says the shop has been pretty busy since its opening four months ago.

"We are doing anywhere from 10 to 18 pawns a day, which equates to a fair amount of money per day," Riley said.

Riley sees people of all classes pawning things like diamond rings and flat screen TVs to get a few extra dollars. He believes the slow economy is the driving force behind the success of his business and so many other pawn shops on the coast.

"A definite necessity because there is nobody out there who will give somebody $50 if they had to pay their gas bill, or electric bill, if they needed a little more to make it," Riley said.

There has also been a big jump in loans to customers at Pawn Mart in Moss Point. Corey Fore is the manager.

"We loan on anything of value. If you have stuff lying around the house and need money, you can always come and get it," Fore said.

Sales are also up at pawn shops. Mangers say more and more people are flocking in to get more for their buck.

"Why go pay $400 for it when you can get it for $250," Fore said. "I think people are trying to buy things a little cheaper now, and spread that money a little bit. They are trying to find the deal instead of going and spending the money."

And those good deals are keeping the South Mississippi pawn shops prosperous.

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