Pass students win awards for letting their imaginations run wild

By Trang Pham-Bui - bio | email

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - The characters are pretty famous and the music sounds familiar. On Monday, some students performed the popular Bob Seger song "Old Time Rock and Roll," but they gave the tunes a whole new twist.

"We had to dramatically retell a story of a published piece of literature through a music video," said sixth grader Patrick Oden.  "We had decided to do the 'Three Little Pigs' because everybody knows the story of the 'Three Little Pigs.'"

The award-winning skit was created by gifted students at Pass Christian Middle School.  The team won first place in the Literature division in the Destination Imagination competition.

In the contest, each team gets to pick a challenge.  For instance, a second team from Pass Christian Middle School had to creatively show how animals communicate.  The students had to do their own research, design the costumes and props, even write the script and the music. The students also won the top prize for their performance.

The toughest part of the competition is the Instant Challenge, where the teams are given a problem on the spot and they have a matter of minutes to come up with a play to solve it.

"It involves creative problem-solving and a lot of teamwork," said sixth grader Delaney Williams.

"The people skills, the teamwork skills, it's amazing," said gifted teacher Stacey Meyer.  "Kids that you were used to seeing bicker over every little thing, now are working together as one unit.  I'm so amazed at what they have accomplished."

And a team from Delisle Elementary team also won first place in the Instinct Messaging category.  It also captured the Renaissance Award for designing and building a human-size hamster cage.  All three teams will now perform before the judges on an international stage.

When asked how she felt about winning, fifth grader Lindsey Meyer responded, "Excited and confident.

Delaney chimed in with, "Yeah, we're going to win global."

The global competition will be held in Tennessee from May 20-23. More than 900 teams from around the world will compete.

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