Mosquito spraying begins in Jackson County

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It's a sign that summer is moving in. In Jackson County, Mississippi Mosquito Control is spraying for the pests six nights a week. The company will monitor the mosquito population all summer. Authorities say it's important to keep the pests under control because they spread diseases like encephalitis which has hit the county before.

Supervisor Mike Mangum said, "I think it's a matter's a health issue and a safety issue, and we don't' want every citizen to have to come up with a way to figure that out.

But authorities say there are some things people can do to keep the bugs away.

Steve Pavlovich is an etymologist with Mississippi Mosquito Control, and he has a few requests for South Mississippi homeowners.

"Any amount of water that's in their yard, a container holding water, a gutter, a bird bath that has water in it, can be a mosquito breeding place," Pavlovich said. "And we ask people to police their own yard. Empty these containers, tires and so forth, empty the bird baths or at least flush them out every five to seven days."

Officials say the mosquito spray is approved for outdoor use, but ask people limit their exposure to it.

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