McKay endorses Walker in Ocean Springs Mayoral race

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs Mayoral Candidate Scott Walker has received an endorsement that many people didn't expect. His former opponent, Jackson County District 5 Supervisor John McKay, threw his support behind Walker in a press conference Friday afternoon. The two men fought a publicly heated battle for the republican nomination, but by the tone of Friday's press conference, it seemed like the men had made amends.

"Scott has many, many connections throughout this state, throughout this country that will benefit this city for years to come," said McKay. "I'm proud to say that I'm going to support Scott Walker for mayor. I think he can do things for this city that probably myself nor Connie Moran could have done. Through his connections in Washington and other places."

McKay also said in the press conference that he and Scott were friends, despite their contest in the primaries.

Walker said he's honored to have McKay's support in the upcoming election.  He said McKay's support is particularly special, because he is the first candidate Walker ever walked with on a campaign trail.

Walker will go head to head with incumbent Connie Moran in the general election. Moran only had a few words Friday about John McKay's endorsement of Walker.

"I understand that he had to tow the party line, but I do hope that when he gets in that voting booth, he'll check Connie Moran," she said. "Because John McKay and I have worked very well together. I look forward to working with him in my next term. He has my support when he runs again for supervisor, because good policy beats bad politics any day."

The general election is June second.

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