Area Homeless Have A Center Of Hope

Stephen has learned not to question the will of God.

"Bad things do happen to good people, but we can't question that. Sometimes we're chastised and sometimes it's just part of life. But all things work towards good, and I had to literally lose my life in order to find it," he said.

Stephen, who prefers not to reveal his last name, used to be a top producer for a national real estate company. He wanted for nothing. But he started drinking at the age of 50, and things changed.

"There were certain circumstances in my life that led to a downfall in my life," Stephen said.

And when you fall, eventually, you have to get up.

"The true measure of a man is not necessarily where he stands when there is...when everything is going good, but how he stands in adversity," Stephen said.

And now, he and about 40 other men are standing tall because of the Salvation Army's Center of Hope. The center offers blankets and overnight shelter to homeless residents.

But the program offers so much more.

Randall Stratz has been in the program for about five years now.

"I can't deal with past too well and the only way I can really deal with them is to indulge just a little bit too much," Stratz revealed.

That was the old Randall, but the new Randall has hope.

"If I can defeat him, that other rung I can reach," Stratz said.

If you would like to donate to the Salvation Army to help the homeless, please send your donations to the Salvation Army, P.O. Box 728, Gulfport Mississippi 39502, or drop off your donations at 2009 24th Avenue in Gulfport.