Residents Pushed To The Limit Over New Speed Limit

A few residents of a Long Beach neighborhood feel they have been pushed to the limit.

At a recent meeting, the Board of Aldermen voted to raise the speed limit on White Harbor Road from 20 to 30 miles per hour - despite a petition against the change signed by most of the street's residents.

The board voted to raise the speed limit because a few members said the limit was too slow for a main thoroughfare.

But a few residents say the increase in speed will bring on an increase of other problems.

"I have three boys that I never let out front because the traffic is crazy on this street. Nobody stops at the stop sign. Nobody follows the speed limit when it was twenty, so now, it's gonna be thirty, I understand. It's gonna be a mess here," said resident Tracie Schibeci.

"I really would like to see it , hopefully the rest of the city will agree with me, and some of the other aldermen, that it really needs to go back. We need to listen to the people. They're the ones who put us here," said Long Beach alderman Gary Ponthieux.

To try to help slow down speeding cars, double stripes have been painted down the road to keep people from passing each other.