Local Alderman Strives For Litter-Free Streets

If you happen to see a red pickup parked alongside Highway 90 in Long Beach, chances are Alderman Gary Ponthieux is in the area.

He adopted a part of Highway 90, picking up litter from South Gerard to the Pass Christian/Long Beach line.

"I come out here at least once a week, because it seems like every time you turn around something new is out there- some debris. But I'm always carrying a bag in the back of my truck and if I see it, I'll pick it up and I make a routine run about once a week," Ponthieux said.

This weekly run usually amounts to an average of four to five bags filled with litter.

"You'd think people would be a little more considerate and instead of throwing it out on the highway or streets, just throw it on the floorboard of your car or your truck, and dump it out when you get to the house," he said.

Ponthieux hopes more people will join his efforts to keep Harrison County clean.

"It's important that we get everybody involved and you know try to keep the streets and the highways litter-free," he said.

Pitching in to keep the scene clean.

Alderman Ponthieux wants to impose stiffer fines for people littering on streets and highways, and he will present this proposal to the Board of Aldermen on Tuesday.