Safety Checkpoint For Holiday Travels

Police arrested one gentleman for driving under the influence.

They say after two breathalyzer tests, the driver's blood alcohol level was two times above the legal limit...

This guy is off the streets and no longer a danger on the road.

Officers conducted a Safety Checkpoint Friday afternoon from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Harrison County - checking for seatbelts, valid driver's license, insurance, and current tags.

"Well during this time of the year there's a heightened awareness with more motorists out on the roadways operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol .We want to make sure that motorists know that law enforcement is going  be out here. That we're going to  have roadblocks set up. That we're going to  have extra patrols, and we just want to just make sure that we have a safe holiday season," Harrison County Lt. Windy Swetman said.

Officers encourage people to buckle up, don't drink and drive, follow the rules, and stay safe - criteria that hopefully will help your holiday season be filled with peace and joy.

Last year around this time, the National Safety Council issued a report card, giving Mississippi, along with seven other states, a grade of F on such elements as seat belt use, seat belt and child restraint laws, fatality rates and law enforcement participation.

Local officers will continue to conduct these checkpoints at various times and locations throughout the holiday season.