Dangerous Problem

Harrison County has taken step number one to prevent dangerous sand dunes from piling up on Highway 90 everyday. It's approved overtime for sand beach crews, so they can replace the beach fences that disappeared during Katrina. We've also heard the county is doing design work to create dune vegetation that catches the sand before it blows onto Highway 90.

Here's the problem. We don't have time to design solutions anymore. We need to enact a plan that's already done, because the blowing sand problem is getting more and more ridiculous everyday.

The sand is ruining the Highway 90 landscaping work done in Gulfport. It's eating through car paint and damaging brakes. We don't need a band-aid. We need a beach erosion solution.

A Mississippi State University proposal creates a beach that persists. It uses native beach plants to hold the sand on the beach.  M.S.U. did this sort of project at the Miramar pier in Biloxi, and it seemed to work.

Soon, this concept will be presented to the board of supervisors. We urge the board to adopt it. The time has come for Harrison County to make protecting the beach priority number one. Do it now, before those sand dunes that have blown across Highway 90 become more than a nuisance. Do it now, before a car slips on the sand and somebody gets seriously hurt.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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