Gulfport Man Invents Unusual Musical Instruments

By David Elliott - bio | email

More than 40 years ago Richard Waters was living in California, and he started tinkering with different materials. Waters was on a mission to invent a musical instrument that made a curious sound. He eventually came up with what he calls the Waterphone.

"I kept making it in different configurations, and then stumbled on the perfect design," says Waters.

He ended up getting a patent on the waterphone and sells them off his internet site to people all over the world. The waterphone produces an eerie sound, much like that made by a whale.

As a matter of fact, the waterphone is used by scientists working with whales and other ocean mammals. The waterphone has been used in a variety of films because of its unique sound.

"I sold several of them to soundtrack engineers in Los Angeles, and they love them" says Waters.

Waters has recorded a CD titled Water Dreams featuring his waterphone and other instruments invented by musicians.

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