Walker edges out McKay in OS mayoral primary

By Renee Johnson - email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The republican primary in the Ocean Springs mayoral race was expected to be close, and it was. Just 146 votes separated Scott Walker and John McKay. Walker, a political newcomer, edged out the longtime politician with 52 percent of the vote.

Walker now faces democrat incumbent Mayor Connie Moran in the general election just 26 days away.

"It's a short campaign. We are working hard every day to get our message out and why we would be the better candidate. I'm going to be talking to Supervisor McKay and his supporters, asking them to join my team in this race in the general election," Walker told WLOX News. "We can do better representing the entire town, working to make life better for all citizens. And that's really that our goal."

Walker promised an open door policy, if elected mayor.

John McKay told WLOX News Tuesday night that being mayor of Ocean Springs had been a dream of his for many years. But that he considered himself lucky because he is still able to represent the people of Jackson County on the Board of Supervisors.

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