Moss Point residents expect big turnout for primary

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - People were all smiles Saturday at Moss Point's River Jamboree.  This year's festival was packed with live music, food and fun.  People were also ready to talk politics.

"I know that the one thing that I've noticed being from another state, is that there's a lot of people running for mayor in the city of Moss Point," said Moss Point resident James Green.

Ten candidates are duking it out in this year's mayoral race. Some of them are political veterans, while others are brand new to politics. From the tone of the residents at the festival, it's clear this city has caught the political bug. City primaries don't usually draw big crowds, but some of these festival goers expect long lines at Tuesday's polls.

"A lot of people are looking for change, and that's what they've been wanting," said Ira Brown. "They know that in order for change, they've got to step up to the plate to vote."

Most of the people at the festival had a clear vision of what they expect from the next mayor.  Alexander Brown is one of the many people in Moss Point with a long list of things he wants to see done in the city.

"Health care for our kids and the education of kids and even the problem with the roads and stuff and how we have ditches and drainage problems and stuff," said Brown.

Many other citizens like Ira Brown have the economy on their minds. Brown wants to see River City business booming in the next four years.

"Curb appeal, bringing more business to the area, to help improve the economy," said Brown.  "And a lot of people that's what they're looking for, just things to change for the better."

Both Ira Brown and James Green agree that they want the new mayor to foster young businesses in Moss Point.

"We pay a lot of taxes here in Moss Point," said Green. "And we need to get some business in here, some infrastructure in here to help lower the tax base that we have here."

No matter how Tuesday's primaries turn out, some of these residents are happy to see their city politically charged.

"It shows that people really care," said Green. "You have this many people running, and this many candidates, that means that they really care about our city, and they don't want to see it go down the tank."

Candidates for Mayor are the following:

  • Archie Alford (D)
  • Mitch Ellerby (D)
  • Richard L. Jones (D)
  • Cathy Keeton (D)
  • Aneice Liddell (D)
  • Robert Norvel (D)
  • Ira S. Polk, Jr. (D)
  • Samuel Craft (D)
  • Jerry Redmond (Ind)
  • Grady Bryant (Ind)

Primaries will be held this Tuesday, May 5th.  The general election is June 2nd.

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