Ladies Swoon As America's Favorite Bachelor Comes To Biloxi

Hundreds of ladies lined up outside Scalawag's Showbar at Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi, anxiously awaiting the arrival of "The Bachelor".

Elaine Amsinger of Ocean Springs and her friends waited for more than two hours. Amsinger said "I didn't watch the first one, but I did watch a few seconds of the second one and I just got into it. I'm real excited! I'm just working up enough nerve to get in line to meet him".

Her friend, Diane Smith of Biloxi, said "She's hooked on him. She goes absolutely beserk. I mention his name, and she goes oh, oh, oh"!

Then, the big moment arrived. Magic 93.7 hosts announced "Aaron, the Bachelor, right over here ladies and gentlemen"!

Aaron Buerge immediately melted his fans' hearts. He said "I've got to admit, I love Southern Belles. So I'm really glad to be here tonight. We'll have a lot of fun"!

Ashley Comstock of Gulfport adored the 28-year old banker from Missouri. She said "I thought he was very personable. I thought he was very genuinely sweet. I thought he made us feel like he really wanted to be here".

While many women came, hoping to be chosen as Aaron's lunch date, others just wanted to get a glimpse and chat briefly with the handsome lad they've been watching on t.v. for eight weeks.

When asked what she thought of meeting Aaron in person, Anna Bunton of Canada said "Oh, I can't express it"!

Of course, a few guys stood patiently in line, too. Don't worry, they weren't lost. Troy Frisbie of Vancleave said "I'm just a fan of the show. Thursday mornings was bachelor talk in the morning, so we just really got into it. I just came out here to meet him and get an autograph".

David Comstock of Gulfport jokingly said "I'm here to protect him from my daughter".

Everybody knows the Bachelor got engaged to Helene in the season finale last Wednesday. But, Gloria Peters of D'Iberville will still get a chance to enjoy lunch with Aaron Buerge, before he heads home to Springfield, Missouri.

By: Trang Pham-Bui