Local Hotels Slash Prices To Raise Occupancy Rate

Hotel managers say there's one word for business right now "slow." When the temperatures drop, traditionally the number of hotel vacancies at non casino hotels goes up. Hotel employees make beds all year long, but when winter comes finding guests to sleep in them isn't easy.

"The fourth quarter in the hotel industry is challenging in this beach resort area," Hotel Owner John Bosch said.

Many beach resorts are battling low occupancy rates by slashing prices. We saw marquee after marquee promising low rates to guests who stay over.

"We have also dropped our prices but still the business is not picking up," Hotel General Manager Hayaeh Ahmad said.

Some hotel owners say the price war is a waste of time because most visitors reserve their rooms before they arrive to see competition.

"We have to get people here to see those rates and you don't see people driving in any of these hotels. The people are not here to appreciate those rates or take advantage of them," Bosch said.

On Monday, Bosch's beach front resort overlooked an empty parking lot, but still he says he's doing better than most. He's spending tens of thousands of dollars to promote his property and Biloxi as a resort destination.

Bosch says the main competition the coast has is from places like Destin and New Orleans. He says businesses need to match those standards to survive.