Government: "False statements" in Warrs' FEMA application

By Brad Kessie - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A new nugget of information showed up in the Katrina fraud court file against Brent and Laura Warr.  The information was news of a FEMA application filed by the Warrs that reportedly contains false and fraudulent information.

According to prosecutors, the September 14, 2005 application lists the Warrs beachfront home as their primary residence.  And it says the couple and their two children lived there at the time of the storm.

"The inspection report reflects that at the time of this inspection the defendants were present and falsely and fraudulently represented to the FEMA inspector that 1814 Beach Dr. Gulfport, MS was their primary residence," the government wrote in a legal brief filed on Tuesday.

The brief also says that the Warrs told FEMA "the home was fully complete, furnished, and occupied at the time of Hurricane Katrina."

However, prosecutors have claimed since this case began that they have proof the beachfront property was not the family's primary residence when Katrina tore it apart.

The government was ordered to release that tidbit of information to the Warrs by April 28, so their defense attorneys would know what claims in Count 4 of the indictment had to be rebutted when the trial begins in September.

A federal grand jury issued a 16 count Katrina fraud indictment against the Gulfport mayor and his wife back on January 28.

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