Landing of D'Iberville celebration

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's a story that began more than 300 years ago off the coastal waters of South Mississippi. The landing of Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberveille began a new chapter in a history, one still being written today.

"I want them to share in their history.  It's a good story to keep telling, that's how we keep our heritage alive through telling stories," said Landing Director August Taconi.

Those who came out Sunday were eager to hear the story as the re-enactment took center stage on Front Beach.

"I have learned so much about the heritage and landing that I did not know before," said Patti Carter of Ocean Springs.

"The landing re-enactment added a new dimension to the story for me.  It was fun seeing the actors and imaging how history really took place here," said Ocean Springs resident Cindy Lowery.

The history lesson was just as entertaining and educational to those who brought the 300-year-old story to life.

"I was so glad to be up here being part of this.  It was a lot of fun," said James Carter, who played a French lieutenant.

"We all bring the characters to life.  It's such a good idea and a great cause for which to meet.  We also learned a lot of history at the church Sunday morning during mass. The priest did a great job explaining everything. I should get some college credit for it," said John Gustafson, who played the captain of the ship Le Prescieux.

While this year's landing was a success, organizers are already looking for ways to breathe new life into this history lesson.

"We're coming back next year, and there could be some different things."

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