Biloxi Church Feeds The Hungry

On Saturday a Biloxi Church welcomed in the hungry, the homeless and the down hearted. The congregation at the Abundant Life Evangelistic Center cooked up hot meals and served them to the community. Church members said they want to become people who not only preach the gospel, but who also live it.

Pastor Jason Johnson said, "The Bible says go into all the world, and we believe that the church has to get outside of the four walls and go out and reach people."

Reaching people meant piling into the church van to look for anyone who was hungry and needed a free hot meal. Church members wanted to help those in need no matter what path they had to travel.

"We can talk about what Jesus did but it's another thing to say let's do what He did," said church member Mike McNeil. "What did He do? He helped people."

Back at the church a feast was waiting, however, there hadn't been a feeding there in two years and members weren't sure how many people would show up.

Gisele Phillips, a church member, said, "We prayed on it and prayer works."

People did line up looking for a hot mean. The church members hoped to nourish bodies with food and hearts with the gospel.

The Abundant Life Evangelistic Center has planned a musical event on Saturday, December 7th at the Beatrice Brown Community Center on Benachi Avenue in Biloxi. Reverend Jason Johnson says canned food will be given out afterwards.