Coast churches join Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - From more than 6,000 locations nationwide, people joined in the Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey.  Ramsey, a well-known author, radio and television financial expert, focused on the economy and day-to-day money issues.

"We were given the opportunity to host this event, and we felt it was extremely important during these times," said event organizer Regina Stewart with Trinity United Methodist Church in Gulfport

Ramsey offers a Christian perspective to his financial teachings.  But those who follow him say his advice reaches beyond the church walls.

"He appeals to a lot of people because he's very simple and straightforward in his advice and it works," Ed Hatten said.

Ramsey, who wasn't a big fan of the bailout, is known for his plain speak. He shared this perspective on how to get people back on track, whether it be financial or otherwise.

"We desperately need to love them enough to allow them to fail. We need to allow failure.  Failure is good. Failure is instructive. If it's chasing you, failure will run you toward excellence," Ramsey said during the live broadcast.

During the town hall, Ramsey also zeroed in on a word he says needs to be re-introduced into people's vocabularies.

"The word is "no." No, you can't buy a house, because you're freaking' broke and you're going to lose the house. No, we're not going to scrutinize all this stupidity and sell it on Wall Street to hedge funds either," Ramsey said.

To join in on the conversation, people sent Ramsey questions and comments via Twitter and Facebook.

Those who came out to Trinity Church came eager to find solutions to their financial questions. But those who follow him, like Karen Hatten, say people will walk away with something else.

"I feel hopeful every time I hear him."

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