15-Year Old Murder Still Baffles Investigators

When Maudreet Migues didn't answer the door on the morning of November 23, 1987, her grandson used a hidden key to get in the house. He found her on the kitchen floor,  stabbed 27 times, and her body covered with cushions from the couch.

"The house was in order. There were no indications of a robbery or a burglary, there was no indication of a forced entry," says Major Randy Cook of the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.

That led investigators to believe that Migues knew the person she let in her house. Her granddaughter says that someone is a family member.

"It hasn't been easy when they tell you it's a family member that you love anyway because no matter what it's part of your flesh and blood that's done this and you need it solved, you need that closure in your life and there's no closure," says Brenda Yates.

Since the murder, different investigators have worked the case. Cook picked up the file again last year and says he still has the same conclusion as to what happened as he did 15 years ago: that someone close to Migues killed her.

Cook says, "That person knows who they are and we know who they are and hopefully one day maybe that person's conscience will get to botherin' 'em but at this point we've just not developed enough evidence to go forward with an arrest."

"She was a good woman, she took care of us, she took care of her children, she took care of a lot of people. She didn't deserve to go this way," Yates says.

Yates says each year without her beloved grandmother is harder and harder and she and her family keep hoping justice will come soon.