Special T Mortgage Q&A

Question: What is the difference between a mortgage company and a bank?

Special T Mortgage's Answer: Banks primarily have one product, theirs. Also, they mainly only lend to people with perfect credit. Mortgage bankers only do one thing, mortgages. We specialize in getting your loan done. We can work with institutions all over the country to try to get your loan approved, no matter what your situation. We understand that people may have had past problems. And since were not tied to one loan product, we can search the country to find you the best rate on your loan. We typically offer lower rates than your local bank can offer.

Question: My credit is not good, I even had a past bankruptcy, can you still help me?

Special T Mortgage's Answer: Yes! Even with a past bankruptcy, we can help. We have hundreds of loan products just for your situation. With over 200 lenders that we work with, at Special T Mortgage, we are more than a lender, we are a resource.

Question: I want to purchase a home, what should be my first step?

Special T Mortgage's Answer: Get Pre-Approved! You want to get qualified for a home loan before you ever start looking for a home. You don't want to fall in love with your dream home, just to realize you don't qualify for the home or the payments would be too high. Also, Realtors and sellers of homes will take you much more serious and would be more willing to accept an offer or negotiate with you if they know you are already pre-approved.

Question: Does it cost anything to apply for a loan with you?

Special T Mortgage's Answer: Absolutely not. Unlike most banks, we do not charge an application fee. We will do a free mortgage analysis for you and get you pre-approved with no charge. Simply call or stop by and we can get you pre-approved usually the same day. There is no obligation, and it's totally free to let us see what we can do for you. Call us today to get you on your way!

Question: I don't have any money for a down payment, can I still buy a home?

Special T Mortgage's Answer: Yes, we have many programs where you do not have to have any down payment. And even if you've had some credit problems in the past you still might only need 3% down and that can come in the form a gift from a non-profit agency, or ask about our 100% loan program.