How green are you?

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - One social networking organization is trying to change your carbon footprint. Green Drinks of Biloxi wants more South Mississippians to "think green."

"Some of us recycle and that's our stint of green," said Marcy Whitfield. "Some of us, that's our job as being green and doing green things."

Last December, Marcy Whitfield founded Green Drinks Biloxi. A local group that was inspired by an international effort.

"I really rely on word of mouth and people that come really like the group. It's really all kinds of walks of life, people from the government and people from local businesses and lots of local folks that are interested in being green at home," Whitfield said.

Kimberly Miller is one of the newest members of Green Drinks Biloxi.

"It's an opportunity to socialize with other people who care about the environment," said Miller.

She said thinking green can be as simple as recycling, using less plastic or car pooling.

"It's just finding a different way to look at the world and finding a different way to do things," Miller said. "Turning the lights off behind you is not going to change your lifestyle."

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