Kids fulfilling America's Promise

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some Gulfport youth spent their spring break working to change the landscape of their community one piece of trash at a time.  The kids are members of Tabernacle of Faith Ministries, a church in Gulfport.

"We picked up paper, pine cones beer bottles and other things," says Alora Thompson, one of the young people helping out.

"Usually, you have to encourage kids to work, but they get excited.  They say alright," said Belva Doby, associate minister.

The youth department is associated with a national organization called America's Promise which is led by retired General Colin Powell.  America's Promise believes communities must fulfill five promises to help kids become productive members of society.  One of the five promises is providing opportunities to help others.

"We want to be out and able to help people like senior citizens, single parents and people with disabilities," said Pastor Anthony Thompson. "Nobody's going to take care of their communities better than they can."

"It's good to help clean up your neighborhood," says Andrea Brandon, volunteer.

Another volunteer, Phillip Melly said "It was fun cause we learned how to use teamwork."

As the young people work as a team to fulfill their promise, Wanda Anderson, an associate minister, says the kids are learning another valuable lesson.

"It's teaching them the gift of love," Anderson said. "They have to love others, care for others and put others first.  They can't be selfish in the things that they do."

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