Pink Heart Funds seeking space for non-profit work

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - A non-profit group that's provided free wigs to hundreds of cancer patients needs some help from the community.

"Pink Heart Funds" has outgrown its small location in Long Beach and is looking for a person or business to donate some much needed space.

"This is the original pink heart funds box. This is how we got our name, Pink Heart Funds, and this is how we started collecting money," said Jo An Niceley, as she held a bright pink, heart shaped box.

The founder says Pink Heart Funds has grown tremendously from humble beginnings.

"It started when a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and her, basically her dying wish, was to help women get free wigs or really natural looking wigs," said Niceley, "We provide free wigs to children and adults that are undergoing any type of hair loss, mostly cancer. And we also provide free breast prosthesis to women who are under insured or have no insurance."

"This is where we store all our breast prosthesis, all of our mail and packages that come in, we put them behind this divider," she said, showing visitors around the small headquarters.

Niceley converted her former home hair salon into the group's headquarters. It was fine when the non-profit got started.  Nowadays, 350 square feet isn't enough.

"It's very cramped. We are actually fitting the prosthesis for the women in the laundry room, because that's where it's more private."

"We have some of our wigs hanging up right here. The rest we have in boxes," she explained.

Boxes of wigs and ponytails are neatly stacked in the available space. Niceley says with all the empty office space along the coast, she's confident someone will help meet this need.

"A thousand square feet would be great. But if we could get more, that would be awesome. We really need the space," said Niceley.

Pink Heart Funds gave away some 400 wigs to cancer patients in Mississippi last year.

Niceley, herself a cancer survivor, says she never dreamed Pink Heart Funds would take off like it has.

"It's very rewarding. And I just feel very blessed to be able to help the patients," she said.

Anyone wanting to help Pink Heart Funds with it's need for space can contact the group at (228) 452-6223.

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