Keep Harrison County Supervisors in charge of the beach

If the authority over beach vendors moves from Harrison County to Jackson, then we will have another layer of bureaucracy that just isn't needed.

Back in 1970 a federal judge ruled Harrison County's beach belongs to all the people. In that same ruling it outlined the supervisors were vested with the right to zone, maintain, clean, repair and replenish the sand beach and to adopt reasonable regulations with respect to the use of the beach by the general public.

Since that time, the supervisors have spent millions of Harrison County taxpayers' dollars in maintaining the beach. Now Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann believes his office should have a say over how part of the beach should be regulated.

To settle the answer the sSupervisors have filed a federal lawsuit asking a judge to determine whether the 1970 decision is still correct. To us it is a case of if it is not broken, why make a change?

The board of supervisors does a good job of making sure our beaches are clean, groomed and also licensing beach vendors. Our local elected officials ride up and down the beach each and every day. They can see if something is amiss with the beach. And, they are answerable to local residents on how the beach is kept up and the quality of vendors offering services to tourist and locals alike. In this case, we believe the best government is the government closet to the people.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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