Big Hearts Come To The Rescue Of A Little Creature

Imagine being stuck 60 feet in the air for almost a week. That's exactly what a cat in Gulfport went through. For six days and nights the cat sat a tree braving rain and cold. Its desperate, cold, and hungry cries were more than Michelle Braun could bear.

"This breaks my heart that it cries every night, every day, every time I come to see it. If you talk to it, it will cry," said Braun. "I'm afraid the cat will fall, be injured or just die up there. I'm afraid the cat might be declawed and not able to come down."

Not knowing who the cat belonged to, she spent six days trying to coax it down. When nothing worked, Braun went looking for help. She called the fire department and a couple of tree services. They couldn't help. The cable company tried, but couldn't get the cat down. So Braun called her good friend Robin Bush, from the Humane Society of South Mississippi. Bush was able to talk the cat down part of the way, but it got frightened and climbed back up.

"I think it probably had never been in a tree that high and then it kept going up, and when it realized it was up that high it didn't want to come back down," said Bush."I don't think I would either. It's so high."

As word spread, neighbors brought ladders, food and did what they could to lend a hand. But it soon became apparent this cat needed professional help.When a tree service working for Mississippi Power Company arrived, the men quickly went to work. Chris Waltman geared up for his first ever cat rescue and began scaling the tree. Then slowly he inched his way across the branch, reached out, and grabbed the stranded victim.

Rescuer Chris Waltman said "She walked right on out there to me."

After the rescue, the cat was taken to the Humane Society of South Mississippi. If no one claims the cat, she will be put up for adoption.