Tax Day Tea Party event planned in Gulfport

By David Elliott - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The year was 1773. The British government had imposed a severe tax on tea arriving in the pre-America colonies. There was a furious reaction that became known as the Boston Tea Party. Thousands of colonists boarded ships and threw the tea into Boston Harbor to protest the tax imposed by King George.

The Boston Tea Party was one of the most significant events that fueled the flames of revolution. Fast forward to 2009. A grassroots effort is underway across America to protest taxation and government spending.

Groups in hundreds of U.S. cities will hold their 21st century version of a tea party on Wednesday, April 15th. That date is when taxes are due for Americans, so the national event is being called Tax Day Tea Party.

If you peruse, a website detailing the movement, you'll find all kinds of opinions and comments. Many of them are extremely anti-government. These citizens are opposed to what they see as excessive in Washington.

The first tea party was held earlier this year in Chicago. Organizers were opposed to bailouts, the stimulus package and what they say is pork barrel spending. Now, talk radio and FOX News heavyweights Glen Beck and Sean Hannity are on the bandwagon and supporters of the free market system are behind this tax day tea party event.

It's gotten so big that anti-tea party groups are popping up. That's right - groups protesting the protesters.

There will be a Tax Day Tea Party, Wednesday, April 15th at the Sportsplex in Gulfport beginning at 6pm.

We're also interested in knowing your thoughts on this issue. Be sure to leave a comment below, and watch for more on the local tea party protest Wednesday on WLOX News.

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