Biloxi B&B Ordinance May Be Fine Tuned

Green Oaks B&B, Biloxi
Green Oaks B&B, Biloxi

Magazines articles have featured some of the weddings hosted by Green Oaks . Neighbors have complained about the noise and the traffic that clogs their east Biloxi neighborhood. On Tuesday, the two sides will talk with the city about what the B&B should and shouldn't be allowed to do.

The manager at a nearby bed and breakfast has her own thoughts about the B&B mess.

Romantics look at Biloxi's Father Ryan House and dream about love. Kadosh Ellen Reeves likes to play cupid. Reeves runs the Highway 90 B&B. She often schedules small weddings in its courtyard.

A couple of miles to the east, weddings are also held at the Green Oaks Bed and Breakfast. But Biloxi planning director Ed Shambra said future Green Oaks weddings could be called off, if the city council adopts a new draft of the bed and breakfast definition.

"The way the clarification is written in the new land development ordinance," Shambra said, "if it's adopted the way it's being presented, that wouldn't be an acceptable use."

The draft definition says, "If the Bed and Breakfast is located in a residential zoning district, no commercial uses shall be allowed." Green Oaks is nestled in a residential zone.

"And in this instance," said Shambra, "the planning commission is suggesting that the commercial application be renting of rooms, and the provision of a breakfast meal."

That's it. The proposal inferred that no more weddings and no more receptions could be held at Green Oaks or the Santini House .

So romantics may have to line up to schedule their I do's at Father Ryan. Despite being surrounded by homes, that B&B is in a commercial zoning district.

Ms. Reeves thinks all B&Bs should be on the same playing field. "I like to be in support of the bed and breakfast in general," Reeves said, "because there are only 10 of them on the coast. And we have to be supportive with each other."

Green Oaks owner Jennifer Diaz will be at Tuesday's meeting. She said she's hopeful a compromise can be reached, so her bed and breakfast can still host weddings.